Anyone can claim to know how to use video editing software like Final Cut Pro, but knowing how to use the software and knowing how to use it in the real world aren’t the same thing. Finding someone who knows the latter and who can teach others is a rare and precious find.

But don’t take our word for it. See what professionals in television and film production have to say about Diane Wright.

Diane Wright can turn a linear mind into a non-linear mind in less than a week. She trained our entire staff of not only editors but news managers, producers and even promotion people.  They were cranking out vo’s and vo-sot’s in a matter of minutes…and knocking out packages by the second day of training. And the best thing I can say is that all of the lessons stuck…no one had to return for more training.

- Bruce Cramer
Senior Media Manager
Los Angeles

Diane is a patient task-master sensei in the art of Final Cut Pro. She’s helped me through my darkest hours of editing and speaks a language that non-tech folks can understand. I would still be working with a rock and a stick while using my computer as a stool if it weren’t for her. She’s to be cherished.

- Lee Allen McConnell
World Domination Films

Imagine a bonfire with great bursts of light. Diane’s instruction and expertise is such a promise. She gives full measure, leaving nothing out. Thanks Diane for placing me back in the province of a healthy relationship with technology – particularly Final Cut Pro. You are a dream catcher of knowledge and instruction, providing me with a firm foundation in my struggle with understanding technology. You’re an incredible trainer, a magnificent person and a force of nature.


Diane Wright is the instructor you want! She brings a calming approach to new technology that takes away any anxiety. Diane teaches you the ins and outs of systems and the skills to become proficient in a short time. She is a friendly and patient teacher with great knowledge of many editing systems. In a city filled with skilled editors and instructors the one you want to sit with and really tap into knowledge from is Diane Wright.

- Warren Stern
Editing Supervisor

Thank you very much for “teaching us the ropes” during your two-day training session at KNBC. I really appreciated your deep knowledge of editing and the technicalities that come with learning a new system! But more than that – I truly thank you for your warm, understanding, personable style of teaching. I’ll learn from you any day!

– Jinah Kim

Diane Wright is one of the best technical trainers in the industry. I’ve had the pleasure of having Diane as an instructor twice on various complicated editing systems. She made it easy to understand. She’s a pleasure to work with.

- Doris Hollander
TV News Video Editor

After a 2 day Final Cut Pro class with Diane I walked away with a clear understanding of the system and was comfortably navigating from basics to more difficult applications, I am well on my way. Thanks for your professional and enthusiastic attitude.

- Ray Arujo
NBC – On Air Operations