Tech Writing

Diane Wright’s technical writing credentials are quite extensive and range from writing selected chapters for several video production books to the entire user’s guide for video editing equipment to preparing training courses then teaching them.  In addition to learning the various software products and writing about them, Diane also does her own photographs and illustrations.  She does her own digital photography and screen grabs, which are then formatted in Adobe Photoshop to add callouts or other graphic elements. One of Diane’s biggest clients is Weynand Training, the leading professional film and television training organization used by all of the networks in Los Angeles. Following is a summary of Diane Wright’s technical writing credits.




Steve Wright “Digital Compositing for Film
and Video” 1st, 2nd & 3rd editions
Performed editorial functions and provided digital pictures for both editions.
Steve Wright “Compositing Visual Effects:
Essentials for the Aspiring Artist” 1st, 2nd editions
Performed editorial functions, designed cover and chapter graphic headers and provided digital pictures.
Apple / Weynand iLife & iWorks Quickstart Guides Wrote quick start guides for Apple’s High School Educators Program for iLife applications including iChat, iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto, iWeb and for iWork applications including Pages, Keynote and Numbers.
Quantel / Weynand QEdit Pro Wrote user guide & training program for the editing module and designed course curriculum including exercises.
Kodak’s Cinesite Assimilate 2k RT Playback (Scratch) Wrote in-house user guide for the digital intermediate 2k playback system and taught all staff how to use the system.
Kodak’s Cinesite IDL-Integrated Digital Lab Procedures Wrote in-house departmental procedures for digital intermediate workflow.
Weynand Training NewsEdit by Grass Valley Wrote user guide & training program for news editing system.
Conducted training classes for KABC, KNBC, KGO-TV, Telemundo
Weynand Training “Secrets of Videoblogging” Technical editor for book, tested and reviewed procedures.
Weynand Training SD to HD Training for Disney Prepared training course & taught staff at Disney Channel.
Weynand Training “How Video Works” 1st & 2nd Eds. Wrote three chapters for this book & updated entire book with
current digital video practices. Digital photography &
Weynand Training “Final Cut Pro 4″ Wrote the glossaries as well as tested & reviewed tutorials.
Weynand Training “FinalCut Pro 6″ Tested & reviewed tutorials.
Weynand Training “Final Cut Express” Wrote the glossaries as well as tested & reviewed tutorials.
Weynand Training “Final Cut Pro for Avid Editors” Helped to prepare manuscript for publication.
Weynand Training Std Def/HiDef videotape ops Prepared training material & conducted classes for ABC,
CBS, FOX, Image International, the Finish Line, RIOT and many
WeynandTraining Digital Mastering & QC Operations Prepared training courses & taught video staff at Sonic Foundry.
Weynand Training News playback Prepared training materials & taught video staff at KCAL.
Dr. David Viera, JDClark Broadman Co. 1986 Entertainment, Publishing and the Arts Handbook: Volume 4 Assistant editor on a collection of articles for volume 4 dealing with
copyright law, Intellectual Property rights, RICO, & contracts.